Massage and body work can reduce harmful stress, clear blocked energy and increase circulation while promoting balance and harmony throughout your body. Here are a few techniques to choose from; find the one (or more) that work best for you.  It can change your life!

Mini Reflexology (20 min)
 Maxi Reflexology (50 min)

Reflexology is used primarily for relaxing tension. It improves nerve and blood supply and helps nature normalize them. Reflexology provides a wonderful opportunity to relax while getting a kind of holistic "tune-up." In addition to all that, it just feels so wonderful! A great way to give yourself a mental break and a physical lift.

Our reflexologists are trained and/or certified by the International Institute of Reflexology / The Eunice Ingam Method.

Swedish Massage - A Relaxing Journey
(50 min) (75 min)

Long, flowing, movement improves circulation and helps to move stress out of the body. A gentle, rhythmic massage is wonderful to do on a regular basis to help the overall condition of the body and to promote a sense of peace and well-being.

Swedish/ Reflexology Combination - A Spiritual Journey
(75 min)

Drift away as you experience the deep relaxation and healing benefits of this enchanting combination of reflexology and Swedish massage. Soft music intermingled with candlelight and soothing energies give the sensation of traveling on a spiritual journey.

Aromatherapy Massage - A Sensory Journey
(75 min)

This gentle rhythmic Swedish massage is enhanced by the use of essential oils and a candlelit room. You choose the aroma to ease you. Aromas create many types of sensations including balance, dreamy relaxation, clarity and or muscular pain relief. An unhurried and uniquely beneficial massage.

Therapeutic Massage - A Healing Journey
(75 min) (90 min)

Tailored to the individual clients needs. This massage helps relieve nervous tension, muscle aches and discomfort caused by stress, overexertion, and just "the dailyness of life!" A Therapeutic massage helps "lighten the load", improve flexibility and movement.

Deep Tissue Massage - An Inner Journey
(75 min) $118.00 or (90 min) $135.00

A combination of traditional massage techniques coupled with deep tissue massage (use of elbows and fingers) to work the body tissues at a deeper level. Relax chronic muscle tension; create freedom of movement; realign the body and enjoy the experience of deep relaxation.

Mini Reflexology
(20 min) 40.00
Maxi Reflexology
(50 min) 75.00
Swedish/Reflexology Combination
(75 min) 95.00
Swedish Massage
(50 min) 80.00
(75 min) 105.00
(90 min) 120.00
Therapeutic Massage
(50 min) 105.00
(75 min) 130.00
(90 min) 145.00
Deep Tissue Massage
(50 min) 118.00
(75 min) 143.00
(90 min) 158.00

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